Robert Paul

''I sit a lot at work and have a stiff lower back. Pilates helps keep it moving - nobody takes it too seriously..I'm more supple.''

Sarah Anderson

''I am amazed how quickly I have advanced from a complete novice...I was introduced to Pilates and was hooked!

I have lost over half a stone - my stomach looks pretty good, my recovery following a run is much quicker and I no longer feel pain in my hips and knees when I am running.''

Mairi Taggart

''In 6 weeks I have lost a lot of inches around various bits of my body...I can feel the difference in my energy levels and feel a lot happier.

Attending Elaine's club helped me to feel I could be a person who could be into fitness...I love going out running now.''

Matthew Power

''Since coming to the class I have definitely become more flexible and stronger. I am also more aware of my posture and body in general.

Incidents of back pain are less frequent and I know how to manage these more effectively.''

Irene Kirkwood

''I really enjoy the combination of Fitness Yoga and Pilates exercises which improves core strength and flexibility...before attending Elaine's classes I was prone to hurting my back.

I have seen a great improvement in my core strength which has really helped me at work. My balance has also improved.''