Classes continue to be busy this week despite the Stirling school holidays and I am particularly pleased with the success of my Aqua Fitness class at Garratts Pool on Tuesday mornings at 7.45am.

Water is a great medium for exercise – it’s good for your joints, you can work aerobically burning fat and improving heart health, and of course it’s great fun.

We have been getting to grips in classes with the ground breaking pink Activation Bands (right) from Fitness Pilates creator Rachel Holmes.

Here we are using them in High Intensity Training last night – it’s a bit like exercising in mud – everything is harder but they activate the glutes and hip stabilising muscles and also reducing impact during movement.
We use them in Pilates too.

There are still spaces in most classes so give me a call if you would like to try your first class free.

07933 911522