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SAM 1762


18/12/14   A great night was had by all at our Christmas night out in Jam Jam Bridge of Allan! 




  SAM 1721


11/12/14   Pictured above is long-time Pilates class member Marj Ekin doing an amazing side plank at the age of 64+! Side Plank on the elbow has been adapted from the original straight arm Pilates Side Bend and is fantastic for the shoulders, core muscles and balance. It can be modified to suit beginners.



2/12/14  Speaking this morning at the Coffee and Commerce networking group in Stirling about the benefits of Fitness Pilates. Always fascinated how few people realise Pilates was a man and that this amazing exercise programme does not have to involve deep breathing or whale music!

Just about to teach my busiest class os the week - Men on Mats. Possibly a new class starting on a Monday evening in January - let me know if you'd be interested.




18/11/14  Cracking on with my Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Fitness Qualification. There has never been such an important time to look after your fitness - especially core muscles and pelvic floor. Ideally you should be fit before you conceive and maintain this throughout pregnancy. Did you know your Pelvic Floor is shaped in a figure of 8?


 11/11/14   Had a great energising Unite class yesterday. Love some of the slower Freestyle Fitness Yoga sections - great for hip and back mobility/flexibility. Really sets you up for the day - there are still 2 spaces left in this and 4 weeks left of the course so give us a call if you want to try it 07933 911522.



Rachel and kelly KSXtreme Edinburgh

Yesterday (25/10/14) I was in Edinburgh meeting up with my lovely mentors and trainers Kelly Reed-Banks and Rachel Holmes. It was blood sweat and tears as we worked out for 4 hours doing a mix of Circuits, Aerobics and Pilates in KSXtreme. The 10 second breaks in Circuits or 'Metafit' workouts have now been replaced with strength work.

Kelly says 'Fatburning is more efficient when we keep exercise going rather than stop for a rest' - phew. 

Try this class on Thursdays at 7pm. Kelly also gave us lots of low impact moves so you don't have to jump or run in this class.