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3/1/16   Happy New Year from Fuerteventura where I am planning Pilates and fitness classes for the next session.

It is great to be in the sunshine and fresh air - ideas flow and I have peace and quiet to focus on my learning and choreography.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? Mine is to be more disciplined - funnily enough not with exercise as I love it but on the things I don't like doing...

Discipline is key to health and fitness though - so if you don't like it come and try a class or personal session - I will make it fun and interesting for you.

Classes start 11/1/16 and our Fat Loss/Slimming club starts next Saturday 9/1/16.

Call NOW for more info 07933 911522



 29/12/15  I hope you had a lovely and restful Christmas. I did but being a committed exerciser I have been running and practising some of the key Pilates moves.

It's really important to look after your back over the Christmas period - it will stiffen up if you don't mobilise and stretch...

Look out for some simple mobility exercises coming soon!

I have one slot free tomorrow (Weds 30/12) at 4pm if you would like a 121 fitness or Pilates session.

07933 911522



  23/12/15   A very Merry Christmas to all of our clients and followers. We still have a couple of slots for 1-2-1 fitness training tomorrow (Xmas Eve) and on Wednesday 30/12/15.

So if you are fit don't let it's really not worth it for one day of the year. 

I am challenging myself this holiday by running every other day whatever the weather...just about to go out in a storm! Elainexx


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 18/12/15  Lovely fitness night out at The Inn at Torbrex. Great food, wine and company! 



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16/12/15   Classes are coming to a close this week until 9/1/15. This is my Men on Mats Pilates class working out to Coldplay. See more on our Facebook page Men on Mats 





12/12/15  Our Fat Loss/Healthy Eating Club starts on Saturday 9/1/16. 

This is a first for Stirling Fitness and will run over a 6 week period, our aim to drop a dress size and change unhealthy lifestyle habits forever.

The sessions will include a 'Measure-in', Motivation and Education and a half hour Exercise Session.

BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment - 10 spaces only 07933 911522



 7/12/15  There are 2 weeks left of fitness and Pilates classes here at Stirling Fitness. It's tough keeping up your fitness in the winter months with the darkness and distractions of Christmas but if you just do 20 minutes twice a week this will lift your mood and give you the energy to cope with the season's demands.

Read our lates newsletter here



Lou Thom

 30/11/15   The rain has stopped here in Stirling so took 121 client Louise out for a run around Cambusbarron.

She did very well running up this hill!



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24/11/15   Last week's fitness classes ended on a hot and sweaty fun note in Circuits with Kenny feeling the heat during Side Plank!



19/11/15  The week definitely started on a sombre note after the horrific events in Paris. We respected the minute's silence after the class on Monday and class members were mainly wanting to talk about what had happened.

Stress and negativity can definitely affect your fitness - we are all dealing with our own problems and tragedies at home too and it's just recognsing when this happens and getting back on the fitness treadmill as soon as you can even just for 5 minutes.

Fitness can help hugely with our ability to deal with stress and disappointment - our body releases endorphins when we exercise which make us feel better - try it!



14/11/15   Fascinated and so proud of some of my more senior Pilates ladies this week. Some of them have been coming to classes for 7-8 years and can out-Plank anyone! This is Marjory Ekin 70+

SAM 1721



 7/11/15  Busy busy times and I'm already planning the Stirling Fitness programme for 2016. Read this week's news here


29/10/15  Everyone is really settling back into classes this week with many clients having signed up for 2 or more classes this term. Pictured is Sarah Anderson who started her campaign of fitness earlier this year having done no exercise for a long time - she is now coming to 2 Pilates classes and one High Intenstiy Training class and has had some amazing results.

Here she is doing the Advanced Spinal Rotation - great for mid/lower back mobility.


IMG 1649



 24/10/15   Wow what a busy first week back with classes! Mondays are overflowing right now following the traditional trend with fitness that resolve is usually stronger at the beginning of the week.

I've also taken on 2 new Personal Training clients - both whose goals are to get fit and lose weight in the 10 weeks until Christmas. Why wait until after?

Click on this link to see Ailsa Webb talking about her amzing results here at Stirling Fitness Ailsa Webb




              Ryan Bennett


16/10/15   Today I met with Scotland international swimmer Ryan Bennett. Ryan is a qualified Sports and Remedial massage therapist and has a BSc in Sports and Exercise science. We had an interesting discussion around massage, injuires and how to prevent them.

Read about it here on my newsletter Stirling Fitness News




12/10/15   This week I'm in Newcastle planning my next course of Pilates and fitness classes starting next week.

The emphasis this session is on functional fitness and body weight training, but I'm also revisiting some of my ideas using the balance balls and resistance bands.

Book NOW if you want to do the next course or try your first class free 07933 911522


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3/10/15    A busy busy week of fitness as members try to fit in their last classes before the October break (9/10-19/10/15). I continue to be amazed by many of my senior Pilates ladies who have been coming to classes for a while and are performing Planks and Seated Roll-Downs like a walk in the park.

I am moving forward with the purchase of my Kick Start Fat Loss franchise - just waiting for a few tweaks to be made to accomodate Scottish law.

On a perosnal level I am very much enjoying my running right now - we even had a blast round the block on Circuits on Thursday night which was great fun.

You need to rebook you classes asap for the next course 07933 911522.





19/9/15   I'm very excited to be heading to Glasgow today to reconnect with fitness leader Rachel Holmes and learn more about her Kick Start Fat Loss franchises.

If this is something you're interested in give me a call 07933 911522

      Ante Post Natal


 14/9/15    I am delighted to announce that I am now officially qualified to teach Ante and Post Natal fitness. This is an area many fitness instructors stay away from, but I am keen to share my own experiences of keeping fit during pregnancy with you.

Pilates is especially beneficial during pregnancy - the maintenance of a strong stomach and back will help you during labour and help you recover more quickly afterwards.

Give me a call for more information.

07933 911522




 12/9/15   A very busy week here at Stirling Fitness with 2 new 1-2-1 clients wanting to lose weight and tone up. The best way is to do this gradually with a mix of aerobic, high intensity and Pilates training.

If you're not sure if Pilates is for you give it a try - no obligation to sign up 07933 911522



5/9/15 Evening classes were much quieter this week - not sure if it was the sudden drop in temperature and darker evenings or the headcold that seems to be going around in Stirling at the moment...

We still managed to have fun in Men's Pilates on Tuesday - Ken had his 'go faster' ankle weights on but how much work he did I'm not sure!

Ken weights

There are still spaces in this class aimed at improving male posture and strength so give me a call if you'd like to try it 07933 911522.



 29/8/15  A great day out at the Scottish Fitness and Nutrition Exhibition at Glasgow's SECC. Particularly enjoyed self-defence demo from Krav Maga and Nicky Seghal's presentation from NPE.



27/8/15  Apologies it's been a while but I've been so busy with the new course of classes! Post Summer can often be as busy in the fitness industry as January as many of us have over-indulged in the sun and maybe seen unflattering photos of ourselves in our swimming gear...

So Pilates classes are pretty full and I've started back on Sunday mornings with Unite Freestyle Fitness Yoga and Pilates - this is really energising - great stretching, balance, core and strength.

We've been experimenting on Thursdays with KICK - which is a Karate based boxing workout - phew and I've been doing my daily live workouts on Periscope (a branch of Twitter) with Fitness Pilates creator Rachel Holmes.

               Rachel Holmes








 21/7/15     This is the Fitness Pilates Side Plank. It is based on the original straight arm Side Bend from the original 34 mat exercises and is great for the core and posture.

Classes start back on Monday 3/8/15 - you can book NOW to try your first session FREE!  07933 911522




 20/7/15     Finished the Coastal Run exhausted but proud that we had covered 14 miles of running over tough terrain! 


 Alnwick run


19/7/15    Today is my last challenge of the Summer before fitness classes start in 2 weeks. I am taking part in the Northumberland Coastal Run which is 14 miles of beach and trail from Beadnell to Alnmouth. At the moment it is raining but it's due to clear up by the time we start!

I am running with my childhood friend Tricia who kicked a 30 year smoking habit and started exercising 12 months ago. Think I will run the first half with her then see if I can do a mad blast towards the end! Will let you know how I go...



    KBC Fitpro


10/7/15     After enjoying a nice break from classes and teaching I'm now revving up for new courses starting in August. This week I attended the Fitpro event in London which is one of the biggest fitness conferences in the world.

My head is buzzing from so much new information and ideas and I attended sessions from some of the top presenters in the world. Look out for new exercises in August!



 27/6/15  We had a good fun evening at Jam Jar in Bridge of Allan on Thursday for our Summer night out.




Classes are off now for 5 weeks until 3/8/15 but Personal Training is available during July.


21/6/15  Great day out at Tough Mudder Scotland in Dumfries today. If you want a mental and physical challenge this is the event for you!

Pictured with fitness client Claire Hall






14/6/15  Busy, busy times here at Stirling Fitness as everyone crams in sessions to get fit for Summer!

Here is a great back mobility exercise called 'Threading the Needle' - great for the upper spine and preventing round shouldered posture - relax your neck and knees hip width!

006    007



4/6/15  It's the Stirling Fitness News



26/5/15   Classes are all going well and very full. I've seen a particular surge in numbers in my evening Pilates classes with probably only a couple of spaces left in each.

We've been experimenting with the small Pilates balls between the ankles in front-lying to fire up the glutes and leg muscles which can often be the cause of lower back problems and pelvic imbalance.

Looking forward to a busy Men on Mats tonight where we have been using the 1k ankle weights during exercises - these really make a difference to abdominal/core challenge.

SAM 1735



 13/5/15   Busy busy time with many of you wanting to get fit for Summer - there is still time!

I've been cracking on with my Tough Mudder training - slight knee niggle caused by overstretching and overworking in classes but thankfully not a running injury so I'm keeping going, just avoiding those stretches for me.

I managed to lift the black 4 kilo weights in Pilates classes so well pleased!

Tough Mudder



 6/5/15   We've been experimenting this week with the mini balls in Pilates. They are fantastic for strengthening the Quadratus Lumborum muscles which stabilise the back.

                                                         SAM 2379



23/4/15  Classes got off to a great start this week and it's good to see everyone wanting to get so fit for Summer!

We still have spaces in all Monday classes and Thursday mornings at 10.30am.

Give me a call 07933 911522

SAM 2363

14/4/15   Good morning from Fuerteventura where I am planning your fitness and Pilates classes for Summer session! And doing some Tough Mudder training too....

3/4/15    Happy Easter everyone! Classes are now off for 2 weeks and will resume for 10 weeks from 20/4/15. I'm spending some of my time training for Tough Mudder Scotland on 21/6/15 which started today with my ascent of the beginners climbing wall at The Peak in Stirling! I am around this week for 1-2-1 training and Pilates.


  SAM 2269


 28/3/15  Some fantastic balance work in classes this week by Michelle and Sally. This is one of our Freestyle Fitness Yoga moves which is fantastic for ankle stability and stregth as well as the Core. Hip flexibilty and back stabilisers aslo tested to the max. Classes end this Thursday 2/4/15 - you must book before Easter if you want a place next course starting 20/4/15.







21/3/15   Exactly 3 months to go until Tough Mudder Scotland so decided to take the bull by the horns and run up Dumyat from Pendreich. Managed most of it but had to walk a couple of inclines! So lucky to live in such beautiful landscape here in Stirling!



SAM 2216

12/3/15   Only 3 more weeks left of the current course of Fitness Classes! I can't believe how fast it's gone. I've seen some great results both with my 1-2-1 clients and classes. There's a great vibe in Circuits right now - this is aphoto of the class tonight - busy but fun! 



SAM 2183


 5/3/15     You never can tell how busy Circuits is going to be but it was mobbed last night! We still managed to work hard and have fun. Thursdays 7pm. 



SAM 2167


26/2/15     Keith and David going for it in Circuits/Hiit tonight! Well done.



 SAM 2162


19/2/15  Great to see the '3 Geminis' back in Pilates this morning. Pictured (L-R) are Ann Gray, Margaret McCann and Christine Paterson. All have been coming to Pilates 5 years+, work extremely hard and when together never stop talking!


15/2/15  Well we're 6 weeks into 2015 and all classes are crammed! So good to see people so enthusiastic and passionate about getting fit. Some great results with 121 sessions - almost time to take measurements with the New Year New You candidates!

    a waist


 26/1/15  An interesting weekend planning fitness events for the year! I have entered Tough Mudder Scotland 2015 and might be looking for Stirling Fitness team members?!

Tough Mudder


 22/1/15   Love teaching fitness at this time of year - everyone is so keen and motivated wanting to reach their goals in 2015. Most classes completely full but still have space Pilates Monday 7pm and Thursday 10.30am Circuits Thursday 7pm and Freestyle Fitness Yoga Sunday 10am!


14/1/15    Classes have got off to a great start this week - everyone looking very keen to get back into their fitness as soon as possible. My new Men on Mats class went particularly well on Monday at 7pm. A few new starts and a few from the overflowing Tuesday class - quite a few lower back problems that will hopefully ease as core muscles are strengthened.

Still a couple of spaces in Unite Freestyle Fitness Yoga and Pilates on Sunday at 10am - a lovely time to exercise. 




SAM 1834 


4/1/15    Happy New Year from Fuerteventura, Spain where I am planning and preparing your fitness and Pilates classes for 2015. Can't believe I haven't had time until now to look in detail at some of my teaching material from the many courses and workshops I went on last year. Some of this information is ground-breaking with regard to backs and pelvic floor, posture and flexibility.