Online Classes going well!

me reverse hundred onlineWell the Pandemic restrictions continue in Stirling for now, so I am resigned to teaching Pilates and fitness online only until things change.

There are many advantages to exercising online - you don't have to leave your house in the winter weather, you can have the heat/music exactly as you like and you can chose to be interactive or not.

Nothing beats face to face teaching where I can see you clearly and supervise your movement but Zoom works for now and I think everyone is getting used to it.

I have been using the extra time to really refresh my teaching with courses/workshops last week in Athletica Pilates, Pelvic Health and Fitness Yoga.

It's so good to learn from the best in the industry and great for me to be an online participant too!

I'll let you know when you're allowed back in the studio. Look after your fitness!