Keeping Fit over the Festive period

me rowing machine 2

 This has been a strange kind of Christmas for many with no parties, socialising and many of us not seeing   even close family on Christmas Day.

 The weather can be rough and daylight is short and it's harder to get motivated with your fitness.

 I bit the bullet yesterday as it was pouring with rain and dusted off my rowing machine. I had a great   strength and fatburning workout for 20 minutes - that's all you need to do twice a week to make a   difference with your fitness. You need a plan.

 You need to find something you enjoy and can stick to - let me know if you need any help.

 My online Pilates and Fitness classes start 3/1/20 currently on Zoom but I hope to bring people back to   the studio as soon as I can too.

 Online Pilates is fun and my sessions are not recorded so you will feel part of the live class. I can see you   on the screen so can supervise your movement which makes it safer.

 I'm teaching a FREE Pilates and Fitness Yoga class today on Zoom - let me know if you want the link.