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 2016-08-08 05.49.00

16/12/16  This is the last week of fitness classes for 2016 so thank you to all of you who have taken part in my fitness and Pilates classes. I have enjoyed every minute of teaching this year, and feel very priviliged to work with such friendly and enthusiastic clients.

I have seen some great results, including with Samantha Rendall (above dressed as an Elf!) who came to me in June with some quite serious joint and postural problems and has seen a great improvement in her fitness, pain levels and weight .

Samantha is a wonderful member to have in the studio with her positive attitude, great humour yet competitive edge which brings her on.

I am greatly looking forward to 2017 at Stirling Fitness, with more learning and education planned, and I'm looking to develop further my Barre Fitness class which started earlier this year.

I am expecting the popularity of Barre to explode in the next couple of years as it incorporates the best from ballet, Pilates and Fitness Yoga.

Classes are Wednesdays 6pm - new 5 week course 11/1/17-8/2/17 £50


 29/11/16  I can't believe there are only 2 more weeks left of this fitness course! The classes are still busy and it's great to see people making the effort to come out despite the darkness and busy-ness that dominates at this time of year.

I'm really excited about some of the new tweaks to exercises that I've picked up from Fitness Pilates founder Rachel Holmes and her side kick Kelly Reid Banks on their new teacher's educational forum.

I've also booked on to their 'Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions' course in Manchester in February which I'm really looking forward to.

It's always good to get the latest research on common conditions and their causes and solutions, such as Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, back, shoulder, knee and hip problems.    

I have never been so convinced that Pilates really is the way forward to prevent postural problems and injury.

The classes should be a bit quieter during the next couple of weeks so come and try your first class free - 07933 911522.

Also if you book your January fitness course before 16/12/16 you get one class FREE!! 



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22/11/16  It's really important in winter to keep your fitness going as weather, lack of daylight and illness often interupt the best of fitness routines.

Getting outside when you can is good and last weekend I had a stamina double, climbing Ben Vorlich in the snow on Saturday and completing the very hilly Glentress Half Marathon on Sunday.

This is all part of my training for the Stirling Scottish Marathon next May and I feel at this stage that time running off road on my legs is good preparation.

There are still 4 weeks of fitness classes - the last one is 18/12/16. Read more here


     Java 1

 14/11/16  I'm delighted we are now selling the Miss Captain range of French workout gear here in the studio - you will see it on display this week.

The colours and quality are amazing - what more do you need to get you motivated with your fitness?



 8/11/16  We're just about mid course in fitness classes right now and I have seen a slight fall in attendance as the nights close in and the weather becomes colder.

It's really important not to let your fitness go at this time of year - you will actually have more energy after exercising and be less prone to weight gain, SAD and general stiffness.

The Sunday morning class has been particularly busy - a beautiful fusion of Pilates and Freestyle Fitness Yoga which really sets you up for the day, working on your flexibility, balance and core strength.

This Saturday I am attending a specialist Pelvic Floor workshop with a local Physiotherapist, so I'm looking forward to sharing this new information in the classes.

Book NOW to try your first class 07933 911522


  men on mats

 25/10/16  It was very busy in Men on Mats Pilates last night. I think more and more men are realising that functional Fitness Pilates is essential for their back health and posture and they don't have to do whale music or deep breathing to have a strong core and great flexibility.

I do have space in the mixed class on Mondays at 7pm which is the ideal beginners Pilates class. Call NOW 07933 911522


2016-10-18 19.55.03



20/10/16 It's back to classes this week - this is Emma doing her version of the original Joseph Pilates 'Rolling like a ball'.

This is great for flexibility in the spine and stomach muscles, and in Emma's case flexibility.

We still have spaces in Pilates Tuesday 8.15pm, Wednesday 7pm and Thursday 10.30am - try your first class FREE!





2016-05-27 13.53.28 

11/10/16 Classes are off this week as I take some time to plan for the new courses starting 17/10/16.

Pilates still remains at the core of all of my classes and I am looking forward to a couple of educational courses in the near future - one about the pelvis, pelvic floor and all the connections around it, and one about the important but little known Psoas or hip flexor muscles which can cause problems if not functioning properly.

I love teaching Fitness Pilates as it really is the most functional form of Pilates - it is faster moving than some of the other interpretations of the original Pilates exercises and we don't use the deep breathing.

Pictured above is former international netball player Samantha Rendall whose physio has recently told her that her historic injury problems have improved drastically after coming to my classes for 3 months.

Call NOW if you would like more information about Pilates classes 07933 911522



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4/10/16  Today is World Ballet Day! What a celebration of this exercise/art form.

I am delighted to announce my second course of Barre Fitness based ballet classes starts 19/10/16 for 6 weeks

This is a 45 minute class and we do a mix of ballet/function barre work, dance/cardio/fatburning and floor/core/stretching.

Book NOW to avoid disappointment 07933 911522


  Jane power bag

 30/9/16  We've had a good week here at Stirling Fitness. Here is client Jane Robertson trying her Pilates Seated Roll-Down with a Power Bag for the first time. This is a bag of sand which moves as you move so they really challenge the core and can be used in many functional fitness classes.

All class courses come to a close this week with the new courses starting on Monday 17/10/16.

Read our newsletter here for more information


  2015-04-23 04.50.11

25/9/16  We've been having some fun in Unite Freestyle Fitness Yoga and Pilates lately as I've added in a short cardiovascular or 'Happy Hearts' section which gets you really warmed up for some of the deep stretching and Pilates moves ahead.

This Sunday morning class is excellent for focusing the mind, deep stretching of the hips, legs and shoulders and generally getting that 'feel good' vibe for the rest of your Sunday. We do build up a sweat however, and as usual challenge our core with some of the Plank variations.

The next course runs for 7 weeks 30/10/16 - 11/12/16. BOOK NOW to try 07933 911522

There are 2 weeks left of all other classe and I am now taking bookings for the course running 17/10/16 - 15/12/16.

Pilates goes from strength to strength as we work on building a balanced and flexible body - remember I teach Fitness Pilates which is functional for everyday life - no deep breathing or whale music just functional movement which will give you a core of steel and great flexibilty.

BOOK NOW to try your first class 07933 911522



 16/9/16  Classes are now completely full for the next 3 weeks but you can book now for the next block running for 9 weeks 17/10/16 - 15/12/16. Book early to avoid disappointment 07933 911522

Choose from Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Circuits/HIIT, Barre Fitness

Read our newsletter here



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9/9/16  This week saw the introduction of Barre classes to Stirling Fitness and I have to say I was very excited about teaching a new style of class.

It seemed to go down well with the Wednesday class preferring the freestyle dance moves and the Thursday class preferring the barre work.

So I'm going to devise a class that works for everyone which will be on a Wednesday at 6pm. I have 7 signed up with another 3 'try it' spaces - call now to book your slot 07933 911522.

Pilates classes are full however there was some spaces in a quiet Wednesday evening class.

I am looking forward to updating with the Fitness Pilates Orthopaedic workshop later this year.



2/9/16  Another busy week here at Stirling Fitness with most clients back from their holidays and raring to go with their fitness. Circuits or HIIT was particularly busy this week but only one male in the class! We need some more men in this class - it's great for power, stamina and core strength.

2016-04-30 13.41.57

I'm very excited to be teaching my Barre trial classes next week. Wednesday at 6pm is full but there are a couple of spaces Thursday 8/9 11.45am and Monday 12/9 6pm.

This is a ballet based class with tinkly piano music and exercises both on and off the barre - there is a mini aerobic/ballet workout in the middle.

Book NOW 07933 911522


2016-08-09 19.17.21

15/8/16  Classes have got off to a good start over the last 2 weeks and we have seen many new faces as clients make the most of the Crash Course - the busiest classes have been Circuits/HIIT on Thursdays and Fitness Yoga/Pilates on Sundays.

I was nominated for the Facebook 22 Press-up challenge in 22 days to raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so have been incorporating this into classes when I can and have been posting the videos on Facebook and Twitter!

Press-ups are great for core strength and shoulders and backs, so long as you are doing them correctly with level hips and the stomach drawn in. They can be done kneeling if you are not quite ready for the full one!

I am now getting prepared for my new Barre Fitness classes starting in 3 weeks - look out for more information on the site, social media and local press or give me a call 07933 911522

5/8/16  Whoosh! What a very busy first week back at classes and it's good to be back in the routine. It was great to catch up with everyone after holidays etc and  see that many of you, although not particularly practising Pilates have maintained a lot of your previous strength.

The busiest class of the week was Circuits or High Intensity last night - it was pretty muggy outside so the doors were open and much water was consumed!

There are many of you doing the 3 week Crash Course so I am expecting Sunday's Fitness Yoga/Pilates to be very busy too.

There are still a couple of spaces in Men on Mats or advanced Pilates on Tuesday at 7pm - so give me a call if you are looking to improve your core strength, power and flexibility 07933 911522


 Great Run Andy

28/7/16  I was at Stirling University Innovation Park today attending their Sports Networking event with Sporting Chance. I was delighted to meet Andy Mitchelmore from Stirling Scottish Marathon organisers The Great Run Company and learn more about the route and the organisation.

This week has been extremely busy as I finalise numbers for my new Pilates and fitness courses starting next week - the Crash Course starts on Monday for 3 weeks so if you need a quick boost to your fitness you can book 3 classes per week for 3 weeks and it works out at £5 each.

Also my Barre Fitness trial classes are filling up - I have now put an extra one on Thursday 8/9/16 11.45am so call asap if you want to do it.

My running is going well and my focus and motivation has strengthened since  my entry to the Stirling Scottish Marathon next year. I am also running more with clients - many of them with this is mind so that is good.

Look out for 'Member of the Month' - it is me!- and you can hear how I have kept going with my fitness for most of my adult life. 


 2016-07-22 09.06.04

26/7/16  Well it's back to work today after my holiday in Lanzarote and Newcastle. This was my run route right along the sea front in Puerto del Carmen - a great walkway which went on for miles and took me right past the airport in Arrecife.

I managed to get up and out running early most morings, avoiding the heat and the crowds of sunbathers later in the day.

I was however amazed at the numbers of people out running that early in the day on holiday with many swimming in the sea too.

This week I'm preparing for the new courses of fitness classes which start next week in between 121 clients - choose from Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Circuits and the new Barre Fitness classes which start in September.


 Ingram Triasha and I

18/7/16 Yesterday I completed the Ingram Half Marathon Fell Race in Northumberland with my friend and running partner in Newcastle Tricia Best. This covered 13 miles in the Cheviot Hills and 2400ft of climb so I was a bit apprehensive about my time. We didn't plan to run together as Tricia is much faster on the flat roads than I am but my experience in the hills and on rough undergrowth meant we were pretty much running at the same speed so we stuck together and finished just under the 3 hours!

It really helps to have company exercising which is why my clients come to me for help with their fitness and it's only 2 weeks until small group classes start back 1/8/16. So if you fancy trying a class give me a call or email me in the next couple of weeks.

You can choose from Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Circuits or High Intensity Training and an intensive 3 week course starting 1/8/16. 



7/7/16  I'm back to work this week after a few days spent in Newcastle and I've been inundated with new 121 fitness clients which is great.

This week Beverley has been on an intense fitness programme on her weeks holiday from work so we've been training every day at 10am. So far the weather has been dry so we've been able to get outside - power walking/jogging followed by some strength, core and toning work in the studio.

Adherence really is key to remaining lifelong fitness - we all have challenges/curve balls thrown in our path but it's getting back on the treadmill of fitness which is key.

I'm also working on the next course of fitness classes starting in August - the Barre Fitness 'try it' class is full and many of the Pilates classes are filling up.

Give me a call to book your place 07933 911522



 Claire and me

  27/6/16 What a busy weekend! Completed my second Tough Mudder near Dumfries on Saturday and 2 new PT clients yesterday. I'm a little stiff today - managed to slide off a high log and land on my back, but am sure my Pilates helped me not to get injured with a strong core!

Here I am pictured with Stirling Fitness client Claire Hall who is responsible for getting me into this mess!

The last Pilates class of the course is tomorrow at 8.15pm - remember if you book your next course before this Wednesday 29/6 you get one FREE!




25/6/16 Whew what a busy week - the last full one of classes before the break in July. Today I'm heading down to Dumfries to take part in Tough Mudder Scotland for the second's already raining so think it's a given we'll be soaked! Look out for coverage on Twitter and Facebook today!

This is our latest newsletter - remember book your next course of classes before Tuesday 28/6 and get one FREE!



 17/6/16 Book your next course of classes NOW and get one free! It's the Stirling Fitness newsletter.  


16/6/16  Most class courses come to a close next week with the exception of Pilates - Monday 10am and Tuesdays 7pm and 8.15pm which run on 27/6/16 and 28/6/16 respectively.

There are no classes in July however we are open for 1-2-1 fitness training for most of it. This is a great opportunity to get your own bespoke fitness session, whether it is fatburning/weight loss or a postural assessment with Pilates.

We can tailor the exercises exactly to meet your fitness goals.

We are running a Crash Fitness Course 1/8/16 - 18/8/16 for those of you who want quick results with your fitness.

You can choose from Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Circuits or running/power walking - and all for £5 per class!

Book NOW to avoid disappointment 07933 911522


 7/6/16 Read our latest newsletter here!



stirling marathon

26/5/16  We are very excited this week about the announcement that Stirling is to have it's very own Marathon next year on Sunday May 21 2017.

I myself have entered - I always promised my self I would do one so this is year to train and I will need to draw on every ounce of running experience and self-discipline I have.

I think this is great for Stirling - so central in Scotland it should draw people to the city and inspire especially local people to attempt a challenge they never thought they could.

I already have some other Marathon virgins to train with and think this will be great for Stirling Fitness too.

Provided you have no major joint problems and are injury free anyone can train for this - just put one foot infront of the other - a lot!!

If you are interested in joining our distance running group give me a call 07933 911522




 22/5/16   The studio is very busy with Fitness 1-2-1s right now - the good weather always brings people out wanting to get fit for their holidays and for summer.

If the weather is good we usually head off power walking/running around the Kings Park, followed by some strength and toning in the studio. If the weather is bad we stay in and do some fatburning circuits which is a bit like Metafit.

On a personal level I'm upping my training to compete with my team in my second Tough Mudder in June - I've ran Dumyat a couple of times but need to increase my distance.




     IMG 3024IMG 3061IMG 3028

4/5/16  I am still very much buzzing after my wonderful Barre Fitness course with dancer and fitpro Jay Banks in Glasgow at the weekend.

Jay is a trained dancer and in fact International Personal Trainer of the year 2016, so we were honoured to have him delivering us teachers this relatively new fitness concept that has really taken off in the US and the South of England.

Barre Fitness is a fusion of ballet, yoga and pilates and is fun, hard work (there is a cardio/fatburning section) and a great focus for your fitness.

I will be launching clases in September 2016 - please let me know if you are interested in the first trial class.

07933 911522



22/4/16   Classes are off to a busy start this week - I always love coming back after a break - there's no stopping my energy and motivation. It's been great to implement some new exercises - we've been practising Dr Cody Sipe's correct way to do a Plank and experimenting with some ballet takes on Pilates from Kelly Reed-Banks.

Most Pilates classes are full, but I do have space on Thursday mornings at 10.30am, and in the Fitness Yoga/Pilates on Sundays at 10am.

Next week sees my Barre Fusion course in Glasgow - so look out for some great balance and flexibility exercises.



 13/4/16    Read our latest newsletter here Stirling Fitness Newsletter 




IMG 2847

12/4/16  I'm very lucky to be out in Fuerteventura this week planning my classes and fitness sessions for the summer months ahead. This is a photo I took from the plane of my 8 mile route along the coastline at Caleta del Fuste - very windy but spectacular by the sea!

Pilates and fitness classes start next week 18/4/16. I'm so glad I discovered Fitness Pilates, as it really is respected by physios and health professionals asthe best  remedial functional exercise for back health and other postural problems.

I've also been studying to qualify as a Functional Aging Specialist so I can look after you at any age and get you fit!

Cody and me

8/4/16   Yesterday I travelled to London to meet Dr Cody Sipe from the Functional Aging Institute of America. He was in town for the Fitpro Live exhibition where he is promoting his groundbreaking educational programmes for fitness instructors.

His knowledge around the booming aging population worldwide is second to none, and along with business partner Dr Dan Ritchie they have conducted their own research on how to age in the most functional and fittest possible way.

Look out for some of these new ideas coming into Pilates and fitness sessions next term!

Classes start 18/4/16 for 10 weeks - book NOW to avoid disappointment 07933 911522

SAM 3167


2/4/16 We had a very busy last week of Fitness and Pilates classes this week with a few newbies trying out classes for the first time. It's always good to get fresh feedback about how my Pilates classes compare with others in the area - there are no right or wrong types of Pilates - they are all just someone's interpretation of the original 34 Mat exercises.

Fitness Pilates is probably the most dynamic - it's constantly evolving with the latest physiological and functional research and we don't focus on the deep breathing but strength and flexibility.

I find when clients come and they have been focusing a lot on deep breathing, their core isn't very strong.

Remember you do not need to deep breathe to have strong core muscles!

New classes start 18/4/16 for 10 weeks but I am around for some 1-2-1 fitness before then.


 26/3/16  Class courses come to a close next week - they are off for 2 weeks and begin again for 10 weeks from Monday 18/4/16.

I am doing some interesting training over the break - heading down to London to train with the Functional Aging Institute of America, teaching and training in Fuerteventura, and qualifying with industry leader Jayne Nicholls to teach Barre Fusion - a huge new fitness concept from the US. Barre Fusion is a combination of standing ballet, Pilates and Yoga moves which are all great for the core, balance, flexibility and strength - look out for your class coming soon to Stirling.



 SAM 3122


21/3/16. Happy Spring! This is the easiest season to keep fit with lighter, longer days and hopefully better weather.

I've been particularly busy with new 1-2-1 clients looking to lose weight and tone up for Summer.

Pictured above is Alison Thomson doing the reverse Leg Pull in Pilates. 




 15/3/16   Read our latest newsletter here!



SAM 3096

8/3/16  Happy International Women's Day! Here is my longest running Pilates class (9 years) celebrating today. Many of these ladies are classed as 'seniors' but can out-plank anyone!

Well done ladies - here's to our health and fitness as women of 2016! 



29/2/16  We are midway throught he current course of Pilates and fitness classes but you can still join a class for the remaining 5 weeks.

My senior ladies continue to amaze me with their strength and suppleness and I have just booked a course in London next month with Cody Sipe, vice president of the Functional Aging Institute in the US to discover the latest findings on functional fitness during the aging process - very excited!

SAM 1721



 19/2/16   Its the Stirling Fitness Newsletter!  




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 16/2/16  We are delighted to announce the winner of our 6 week Fatloss/Healthy Eating Club is Mairi Taggart! Mairi lost 5 inches from her tummy during the 6 week course by taking on board all of the nutritional advice she was given by our expert Ryan Bennett, and by exercising at lest 3 times a week.

Mairi is an inspiration - working Mum of 2 little girls - who had a partcularly tough year last year. She has pulled herself back and is now running for the first time in a long while and planning 2 do a 10k this year.

Well done Mairi!


 Phone 12216 001

12/2/16  Whooosh! What a busy start to the year it's been. Pictured above are my Healthy Eating/Fat Loss Club on week 5/6 last Saturday. We were lucky enough to have Tricia Best from Newcastle speaking about Addiction and Adherence, and the group found her highly motivational as she told us her own journey of how she gave up a 30 year smoking habit and began running at the age of 47!

I think my 121 clients have been slower at coming forward this year probably due to the heavy rain - but I suddenly had a lot of interest last week on our unsually sunny day in Stirling.

The second Circuits class on a Monday eveing at 8.10pm is almost full - this started as beginners HIIT or High Intensity but they are already gettting a lot fitter and I'm making the class harder every week.

I've been doing a little idea swapping with army PTI Mark Doyle and he's given me some great ideas for fatburning and power/strength.

 25/1/16  Classes are in full swing now and very busy but there are still a few spaces. It's great to get back to Pilates with the regulars saying many of their aches and pains had returned over the Xmas break with lack of practice.

It's always much easier to get back into it when you have done it before.

I was asked to teach a class at Stirling University last week and said 'yes' - it was refreshing to teach in a different environment and new faces - I think they enjoyed it!




Phone 16116 137 


16/1/16  What a great first week back we've had at Stirling Fitness - classes are almost full and today we had our second session at the Fat Loss/Healthy Eating Club.

We had ex international swimmer Ryan Bennett talking about nutrtion and giving us some gems to help us eat more healthily and stick to it.

A power walk around a very snowy and pretty Kings Park followed.

Tomorrow (Sunday) it's Freestyle Fitness Yoga and Pilates - there are still a couple of spaces 07933 911522




Fat loss club

9/1/16  A great start to the Fat Loss club yesterday. After a session on Mindfulness and taking measurements we went out for a Power Walk - around 2 miles. Everyone felt great and motivated.

We finished with some Pilates abdominal exercises.

Next week we have swimmer Ryan Bennett speaking about Nutrition. 



 IMG 2131

5/1/16  Wonderful morning teaching Pilates in the sunshine of Fuerteventura. I was teaching at the Sheraton Hotel - I could get used to this although I have to say at 23c I was boiling.

It's the first time I've taught Pilates where nobody spoke English - it's amazing what you can teach visually - they were all quite fit.

They've asked me to come back and teach so I'm delighted.

Back to reality though and classes start in the Stirling studio on Monday - book as soon as possible they're filling up 07933 911522