We're back in the Studio!

Studio back stretch May 21

I can't believe this is week 3 of Studio classes being back up and running and what a whirlwind it has been!

I'm so lucky that I can teach Hybrid classes (online and in the Studio at the same time) and this offers a really flexible option to your fitness as you can do it from home or holiday...

There are a lot less people than there used to be in the Studio before the Pandemic and I have to be a lot more organised with spacing etc but I am truly grateful to be back and to be able to see my clients in 3D which is essential with Pilates.

Many of my clients have returned with real postural issues. They have found that working from home has not been that great for their back and shoulders, often sitting on inappropriate chairs and not getting up and moving around the office etc.

Pilates really is your health/pain free solution as we work in a functional way rebalancing your posture and preventing future issues that may occur.

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