Pilates is back!

Pilates July 21

It was great to start teaching back in the Studio this week and get back into my Pilates and High Intensity routine once again.

I'm really good at running and swimming whilst on holiday but not so good at practising the basic but important postural and stretching exercises which are essential for great posture.

I think habit is such an important part of keeping fit - it's finding a time to do something that works for you and fits into your routine that you enjoy.

My classes are still running online and in the Studio too but I am hoping as things improve pandemic wise to bring a couple of new classes back to the Studio using my fantastic functional fitness equipment such as the sand bags and MOTR ( Movement on the Roller).

121 fitness has never been so popular with many clients prefering a bespoke programme at a time to suit. Here I can do a full postural assessment and can also do a mix of Pilates and fatburning or High Intensity.

Give me a call if you would like a chat either on the phone or in person 07933 911522.