Still spaces in Pilates!

Studio Aug 21







The classes are going well with lots of new clients in the Studio so it's a bit like going back to basics with beginners!

Beginners are welcome in every class and I always offer interediate and advanced options too.

Many of my pre pandemic clients have decided to stay online for now - I think they have got used to the convenience of exercising at home and some people are still very nervous about the virus.

I'm lucky that my Studio has wide open doors so we get a free flow of fresh air through at all times.

I'm teaching most classes in Hybrid style but my late Tuesday class at 8.15pm is Studio only and I have two exclusive Masterclasses coming soon.

Saturday 4/9/21 - Pilates Equipment Extravaganza

Saturday 18/9/21 - Mindfulness and Massage

£10 per class. BOOK NOW!