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 Cally motr


30/12/17 I hope you had a nice festive season and haven't indulged too much! It's really hard not to at this time of year - I found it too much to resist my family's traditional cake, or carb baking as I call it, but the good news is I have managed to keep up my running even though I'm not teaching my classes.

I think having a goal is vital to keep going with your fitness - next year I am running the Stirling Scottish Marathon for a second time and hope to beat my time by roughly half an hour...

It's fantastic that The Great Run Company have decided to run a Half Marathon alongside this - if you need some help and advice on how to stay injury free and keep motivated please contact me.

Next week I am taking delivery of my new Pilates MOTR machines (see above). These offer a fabulous option to strengthening your core muscles and more, and I will be offering a Master Class in January - date to be confirmed - let me know asap if you would like a space.

The Pilates and Yoga classes are filling up but I have a special offer here - 

Crash Fitness Course - 5 weeks (8/1/18-8/2/18) - 3 classes per week - choose from the following classes:

Pilates - Monday 7pm, Tuesday 10.30am, 8.15pm

Yoga   - Wednesday 10am

Unite Pilates/Yoga - Sunday 10am

High Intensity/Fatburning  - Thursday 7pm

If you're looking for a functional aspect to your fitness this offers a great all round programme - it is essential you include the High Intensity class on Thursday evenings if you want to lose weight.

£75 (£5 per class) limited spaces (10 per class)



Amber Power bag


18/12/17  Pilates and fitness classes come to a close this week after a very busy and successful year. The final class is on Christmas Eve at 10am - this is a relaxing yet challenging mix of Pilates and Fitness Yoga and will get you away from the crowds and the madness and mayhem of Christmas!

Remember Pilates here at Stirling Fitness is very functional and fast moving - we don't do any of the slow deep breathing and the exercises are updated each year with the latest physiological research.

Above is long term class member Amber Armstrong doing the Pilates Seated Roll Down with a 10kg Power Bag. This increases the challenge to the back, arms and core muscles.

We use these Power Bags in Circuits or High Intensity on Thursdays at 7pm. You can try your first class free but if you book a class before Friday 21/12/17 you get one free off the next block.

Hope to see you next year!


me dum dec 217

3/12/17  Busy busy times here at Stirling Fitness so yesterday I decided to run Dumyat at the crack of dawn before another hectic day. I find running for me is one of the best ways to relieve stress. I find it is a kind of meditation where problems seem to work themselves out and I come up with some great ideas for both of my businesses. Most people can run and it's a great way to see the beautiful countryside we live in here in Stirling. If you need some help to get started give me a call.

There are 3 weeks left of Pilates and fitness classes - the last one is Thursday 21/12/17 at 10.30am.

I am already taking bookings for the January courses and if you book before this date you get one FREE.

There are some new classes in the New Year - Yoga with Jamie on Mondays and Wednesdays and look out for the MOTR my new piece of Pilates equipment!


Jamie sitting


22/11/17 This week it's all been about Yoga in the studio. The usual classes are running too but this is the first time I've invited another teacher to teach my clients.

Jamie is a fantastic teacher and so far has taught 2 Hatha style classes which she calls 'Happy Yoga'. We did a lot of stretching and reaxation and finished off with some Mindfulness at the end.

Tonight we have 'Power Yoga' or Yoga to rock music at 8.15pm.

I am hoping to run a block of these classes in January so look out for booking information coming soon.


  jamie colour


19/11/17  I'm having a great course of classes this session with lots of interesting changes here at Stirling Fitness.

I've decided to grow my business and offer more choice to members by having another teacher trial some classes in the studio.

This week Jamie Dunleavey (above) joins us. The 'Yoga Drummer' as she is known is going to teach 3 classes this week - 2 Hatha or more gentle Yoga, and one Power Yoga on Wednesday evening which is very like Ashtanga Yoga.

I still have space in this one - call now to book!

Also I will be introducing some new Pilates equipment in 2018 - the MOTR is a tool based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. He used hospital beds and springs to get his 'patients' to really stretch out and realign their posture.

This will be a dedicated class and I hope to trial it before Christmas so let me know if you're interested.

The exercises will be more advanced than current classes and these will definitely suit male posture too.

Call NOW 07933 911522



 Jamie 3 


10/11/17 I am very excited that we are running 3 Yoga classes in the studio the week after next and am delighted to introduce Jamie Dunleavey (above) who will bring something new to Stirling Fitness.

Jamie will be teaching2 Hatha Yoga classes, in which she will focus on Mindfulness and poitive mental health and one Power Yoga class which is more like Ashtanga Yoga.

 Read about it here - prebooking is essential 07933 911522




5/11/17 This is class member Sophia doing the Pilates Side Bend. This is an excellent exercise for your core and shoulder strength, the two main areas of stability.

There is still time to tone up and get fit for Christmas - give me a call and you can try your first class free.



29/10/17  Long time no blog! Classes are going really well as we head into the Winter season with many clients realising the benefits of keeping fit all year round.

I'm feeling the need to inject some new energy and ideas into classes and tomorrow I am going to try out a new piece of portable Pilates equipment which could add a whole new dimension to your session.

Remember 121 training is a great way to get to grips with the basics of Pilates as well as getting your own postural assessment.

If it's fat buring you are looking for we have High Intensity Circuit training on Thursdays at 7pm - currently I am offering this half price if you are booked onto a Pilates course 07933 911522.


 Emma Hamilton

6/8/17  Pilates and Fitness classes started last week and I still have space in most. Small group training really is the way to go with your fitness as you get close supervision with the fun of a class situation.

I really think that everyone should do Pilates - you can't go wrong with realigning your posture and stretching and strengthening your muscles - especially the core area which usually takes the brunt of bad posture.

Call NOW to try your first class FREE 07933 911522

I also have space in High Intensity Circuits on Thursdays at 7pm - this is great for fatburning and improving power and strength.


  me Dumyat Summer

22/7/17  I'm having a very active July so far and although the classes are off for another week I'm very busy with 121 fitness clients wanting to improve their core strength and posture. 

I've also had some requests for running sessions which I'm delighted about - running really is my first love with fitness and after completing my first marathon this year I feel pretty well equipped to offer advice.

I also feel that running can act as a kind of meditation - it's often where I get my best ideas, sort problems out in my head and I think the general flow of the movement and the endorphins secreted add to this feel good factor.

You'll also find this flow in Pilates classes and especially the Sunday morning Freestyle Fitness Yoga/Pilates class where we do a lot of balance and felxibility work - this course runs for 6 weeks from 26/8/17.

The Pilates and High Intensity classes start back on Tuesday August 1 for 10 weeks and some are almost full so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Look out for my latest newsletter coming out this week!



8/7/17  Classes have been off for a week now but I've been very busy teaching some 121 Pilates sessions and also Personal Training/Fatburning.

Summer is a great time to start your fitness programme - the nights are lighter and the weather is usually (!) better making it easier to exercise outside.

I still however come across so many people making excuses not to exercise - here are some classics:

  • I've just been too busy at work
  • The kids haven't been well
  • My husband isn't well
  • I don't get any time
  • I went out at the weekend
  • We've had people staying
  • I was on holiday
Excuses excuses excuses!! And that's all they are. This is your Health and Fitness we're talking about - your life, your longevity, your quality of life - a priceless commodity that can't be bought only preserved!
So just do it - make time - 20 minutes twice a week - you will feel great, have more energy, look younger and have more resilience.
Apart from preventing joint and health problems.
If you can't do it yourself give me a call and I will motivate you 07933 911522


 pilates Amber and co

 26/6/17  Classes come to a close this week on Thursday and are off for July. I am still around for 1-2-1 fitness so if you aren't sure if Pilates is for you or fancy trying a fatburning programme with some running or High Intensity training give me a call.

I can assess your posture and we can work out a personal plan to achieve your goals.

Pictured above are Amber, Donna and Susan from my Monday morning Pilates class. They have all been coming for a number of years and have perfected the perfect Side Plank! They find this class fits in with the school nursery as it's early at 10am and they can get some valuable 'me' time after a busy weekend!

The classes start again 1/8/17 - book early to avoid disappointment 07933 911522 - you get one FREE if booked before Friday 30/6/17!



pilates mums


19/6/17  I hope you're enjoying this good weather and are managing to keep fit despite the heat. I was down at my folks in Newcastle at the weekend and couldn't resist doing some Pilates stretching after my early morning run.

It's really important to stretch after running or indeed any exercise and we cover most functional stretches in Pilates classes.

This helps to prevent injury and stiffness and can also be quite relaxing.

For more details on Pilates classes or general stretching give me a call 07933 911522 



  Jane plank


6/6/17  We're doing really well here in Pilates this session with classes continuing to be popular despite the holiday season starting.

The Plank (above) remains one of the most effective exercises for building core strength and encouraging great posture - you can do this kneeling and all exercises can be adapted for beginner/advanced clients.

There are still 4 weeks left of the current course of classes so feel to try one - just give me a call first.

I've recovered from the Stirling Marathon 2 weeks ago and was delighted to say my 'real time' on my Garmin was 4 hours 58 minutes. I am delighted and quite unique that I had no aches/injuries at all and put this down to Pilates and some great stretching. I am thinking about running a beginner Marathon group for teh Stirling Scottish Marathon 2018 so let me know if you ate interested.

The classes are off during July but I will be around a bit for 121 sessions be it Pilates or running/fatburning.

In August I am running my Crash Fitness Course for 3 weeks where you have to commit to 3 sessions per week for 3 weeks - great value.

Call here for more information 07933 911522.


Java ss17 1


28/5/17  This is the beautiful Captain Tortue fitness gear I sell here in the studio. This week there is 30% off.

It is a great quality and fit, flattering the most curvaceous of figures.

Call here to view 07933 911522



 marathon medal


22/5/17  I was delighted to complete my first Marathon in Stirling yesterday and although I had to walk a couple of short stretches towards the end I managed to 'sprint' into the finish smiling!

I have raised almost £1000 for the Scottish Association for Mental Health and since I only decided to run for the charity last week that was a huge boost when the going got tough near the end.

After some deep stretching last night I am feeling pretty good today and seem to be injury free which I'm delighted about.

If you would like some help reaching your fitness goals give me a shout - I offer Personal Training and Pilates - which I am sure helped massively in injury prevention during my training.

There are still spaces in some classes - please note my Tuesday eveing classes aren't running this week.


marathon completion

13/5/17  It's been a while since I posted on here - I've been so busy teaching classes, training for the Stirling Marathon which is next Sunday 21/5/17 (!!!) and working with a whole lot of new 121 fitness and Pilates clients.

Summer is often the time when most people come out of the closet and admit they're not as fit as they would like to be. Usually it's weight loss and general fitness they are after but often it is a back or postural problem which has forced them to seek out Pilates.

Pilates helps to realign the imbalances in our posture that can cause us serious hip, back and knee problems and this is a mix of stretching and strengthening the correct muscles to do this.

I completed my last significant run before the marathon next Sunday and decided just today to run for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

If you would like to sponsor me the link is on the Stirling Fitness Facebook Page. Thank you.





22/4/17  Classes started back this week but I still have a few spaces in most. The Tuesday evening class at 8.15pm is quieter so I am offering 2 half price spaces which is excellent value at £4 per class. Call quickly to book your space.

The Unite Fitness Yoga/Pilates class starts tomorrow for 8 weeks - this is a fabulous start to a Sunday with a relaxing vibe and some great stretching.

I have found this class invaluable during my Stirling Marathon training.

We do use hand weights at times in Pilates (see above). This is a great way to add challenge to the core as well as working on the shoulders which are so important for general posture and prevention of back problems.

This exercise is known as 'Starfish' and the great thing about it is that your back is supported as you are lifting the weights.

You can try your first class FREE! Call NOW 07933 911522 


Lisa Lynne 

 15/4/17  I'm looking forward to getting back to classes next week and am spending this weekend making my final plans for the new courses of Pilates and High Intensity classes.

I had such a busy term last time and attended some really worthwhile courses - only now have I had time to consolidate this information. It's great learning the latest research on some of the most common problems that can affect our ability to exercise and keep fit - Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Herniated Disc and Osteoporosis to name but a few. The secret is to learn how you can work around and even improve these conditions with the correct exercise.

Please ask me if you need any advice on specialist conditions.

My Stirling Marathon training is going well and I seem to have overcome my glute injury with the right stretches and treatment.

I was delighted yesterday that I managed to run 20 miles with training partners Lynne and Lisa (above) and am feeling a lot more confident about completing the race on the day.

I have a had a lot of people asking me to teach them to run lately and this is great as it's so easy just to get your shoes on and go once you know how to prepare and find your pace.

Call NOW for more information 07933 911522



11/4/17  Classes are off this week for the Easter break but resume again next Tuesday 18/4/17 for 11 weeks.

You can choose from Pilates, Freestyle Fitness Yoga and High Intensity Circuits and I still have spaces in most classes.

I had a busy but fun day in the studio yesterday doing a bespoke Pilates/Fitness Yoga class for client Samantha Rendall and her family - the beauty of this and the 121 sessions is that I can gear the session exactly to suit your needs and fitness goals.

Call NOW for more information or to book your class - see timetable 07933 911522



 27/3/17  This is the last week of Pilates and Fitness classes this course - the last one is Circuits on Thursday at 7pm.

They return 18/4/17 for 11 weeks so please book as soon as possible to secure your place 07933 911522.

We've had a good session ths time with many new exercises especially for your neck and back stabilty taking precedence.

I look forward to introducing more of these exercses next term.


     bofa run                      

13/3/17  What a busy few weeks it's been for me dominated mainly by teaching and my training for the very first Stirling Scottish Marathon. I have.. developed piriformis syndrome which is a malfunction of the important piriformis muscle situated deep underneath the backside which is pressing on my Sciatic nerve causing I am going to take a week off running - interesting that this only irritates on the flat and thankfully not on the hills so I can run Dumyat ok!

I also think I've been running a bit fast for me at this stage with the Run 4 It shop in Bridge of Allan so if I am going to continue the training after next week I'm going to have to do it alone and more slowly...will keep you posted!

Classes are all very busy and the one which has become very popular recently is the Sunday morning Fitness Yoga and Pilates at 10am. This is a lovely blend of the best and most functional moves from Yoga and Pilates and is a perfect vibe for a Sunday morning - still working strongly on our core muscles with some amazing stretching which I have found particularly beneficial after my long runs on a Saturday.

There are 3 weeks left of this course then classes will begin again on 17/4/17 for 11 weeks.

BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment 07933 911522


 Kate dumbbells

23/2/17  Pilates and Fitness Classes are back this week after the break and now run until 30/4/17.

It's great to see so many of you having fun during your fitness classes - pictured above is Kate Pritchard doing the Pilates Starfish with the 5k weights last night.

Kate has had problems with her flexibility and being a dentist this is great for her shoulders and posture.

This weekend I am on a course with physiotherapist and posture specialist Cameron Angus where we will be exploring the important Psoas muscles and looking at neck problems abd their causes and solutions.

I shall feed back next week!



13/2/17  Classes are off this week with the local school holiday but I am still here for 121 fitness and Pilates sessions.

A 121 is a great way to find out more about you and your fitness - we cover posture, reasons for it and find the best ways to correct it and solve aches and pains.

I also offer High Intensity Circuit training and running/power walking as part of the 121 sessions - it really is good to do a balance of power, aerobic, strength and stretching for all round fitness.

I'm still absorbing some of the information I learned on my Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions course in Manchester - case studies to complete so I better get cracking.

I'm looking forward to part 2 of this course of classes which runs until the end of March. There are still spaces in many classes so give me a call to discuss 07933 911522.


 me and rach

6/2/17  Yesterday I was down in Manchester to reconnect with Fitness Pilates creator Rachel Holmes. She and functional fitness specialist Kelly Reed-Banks were running their Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions course which covered in great depth, Hip and Knee replacements, Slipped Disc, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Sciatica and what we should and shouldn't be doing in classes.

Give me a call if you would like me to create your personal Pilates and exercise programme 07933 911522


empty studio

29/1/17  It's actually lovely to see the studio empty today after a very busy start to the year! If you like a quieter class I still have spaces in Pilates on Tuesdays at 10.30am and 8.15pm.

These are both mixed ability classes and perfect for beginning your Pilates journey - give me a call to try your first class free.

I've got a bit of Pilates and anatomical learning/training over the next few weeks - next weekend I'm down in Manchester to reconnect with Fitness Pilates creator Rachel Holmes and physiology expert Kelly Reed Banks.

They are running a course 'Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions' which will cover most back and joint problems and go into a bit more depth with the benefits of each exercise for the relevant conditions.

Then in February I'm back with local physiotherapist Cameron Angus learning more about the Psoas muscles and neck problems.

I'm looking forward to sharing this with you all - have a great week!


 Mens Jan 17

23/1/17 We're now in week 3 of fitness and Pilates classes but it's not too late to book or try.

The Men on Mats Pilates (above) is actually full but I have space in the mixed class On Mondays at 7pm.

This session in Pilates we're working on functional core and back strength so give me call if you'd like to try it.

I still have one half price space in Barre Fitness on Wednesdays 6pm and Pilates Tuesdays 8.15pm.

Look out for some freestyle Yoga stretches in most classes.


marathon blog 

21/1/17  I had a good run out with the Run 4 It Bridge of Allan Stirling Marathon training group early today. The fog didn't lift at all but the mood was cheerful as we upped our pace a bit.

I can't believe it's only 17 weeks until this monumental fitness challenge!

So far I'm injury free and I'm convinced that both the Pilates and the High Intensity class on Thursday evenings help with this, provdidng much needed joint stability and muscle strength.

Call me now for help with your Marathon training 07933 911522



14/1/17  Gosh what a busy busy first week back at classes! I got the new session off to a great start with a physiology course last Saturday exploring many of the original Pilates moves with local physiotherapist and Pilates specialist Cameron Angus.

We focused on many of the side lying moves such as the Side Bend and discussed the importance of the Serratus muscle which stabilises the shoulder and upper spine.

There are still spaces in many classes so give me a call to discuss 07933 911522



 9/1/17 Classes start back today and I'm feeling very excited about it! It's always good to have a break from your normal routine and come back buzzing with energy.

The classes are all Pilates based, so if it's core strength and flexibility you're looking to work on Stirling Fitness is for you.

Book now to try your very first class FREE 07933 911522

Read our newsletter here


 2016-08-27 10.46.21

 4/1/17  Today is my final day on the beautiful sunny island of Fuerteventura and I'm boarding the plane homeward bound for Scotland later on.

I have done lots of planning and learning for my next course of Fitness and Pilates classes, discovering some great new moves and stretches for my Pilates and Fitness Yoga class on Sunday mornings. I have been 'jete-ing' and 'arabesquing' around my room as I practice a new routine for the ballet Barre class starting next Wednesday at 6pm. 

This is a great time savvy way to cram all of the elements of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet into a 45 minute totally relaxing session - there are only 8 spaces available in this unique and exclusive class.

I'm looking forward to working with some new 121 fitness clients this week - this is the most popular time for Fatburning and weight loss and I can help with that with some running or cardiovascular exercise.

On Saturday I'm looking forward to working with local physio Cameron Angus where we will be exploring some of the original Joseph Pilates moves and seeing how we can make them more effective and functional.

Don't forget to sign up for our newlsetter - just ping me your email and I'll add you.



Fuerte 17

1/1/17   Happy New Year! I'm in Fuerteventura planning the Stirling Fitness programme for 2017. I find here I can relax and focus on the busy session ahead and it's a great place to catch up on my learning and find the energy required to motivate and get the best results with my fitness clients.

I think the key to being successful with your fitness programme in this busy world is to be organised.

You have to decide do you really want to get fit and are you taking your health seriously or is it just a pipe dream or something you feel you should do?

I have to be honest I can't believe how many people I see who around me who haven't clicked that if you don't keep fit in middle age you probably never will.

I can't believe that they don't seem to realise that keeping fit is the key to a long and healthy life - you will look younger, have more energy and develop less disease.

You will suffer less pain especially if you look after your posture - if you don't back and joint problems will develop.

Pilates is a great way to both combat this and relax.

Call me now for help with your fitness plan for 2017, I will be delighted to help 07933 911522