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20/12/18 Classes come to a close today for 2 weeks and I’m looking forward to the break and planning the next session for 2019.

I have enjoyed working recently with some 121 Pilates clients with more serious postural problems and seeing them progress to moving more easily and eventually becoming pain free. Movement really is key to a healthier future but it’s getting the correct movement for you. 121 teaching allows me to look closely at your posture and prescribe the right exercises for you.

I’m looking forward to recharging my batteries over Xmas and will be heading out to Fuerteventura at New Year to focus on some of my educational resources so I can deliver the best classes and information to you in 2019. And of course to get some sunshine and get some beach runs in and practice my Pilates by the sea!

I hope to see you in 2019.

Have a great Christmas.

Ali and the spiky ball

5/12/18 The weeks are whizzing by until Christmas but there is still time to make difference with your fitness. It generally takes about 2 weeks to lose or improve fitness so don’t let it go for one day of the year – it’s really not worth it.

Most classes have remained busy over the last few weeks but a couple of the evening ones were quiet when the weather was bad...

Are you making excuses not to keep fit? Remember the studio is warm and cosy and we usually have great fun in the classes!

We have been experimenting with the spiky massage balls recently which are great for the feet and posture – the latest research shows that if you look after your feet you can avoid bunions and painful Plantar Fasciitis – this is the muscle tissue that can become irritated by overuse or poor shoes – give me a call if you want to find out more.

The last classes are on Thursday 20/12/18 – book for January before 21/12/18 and get one free.



Pauline and her Son

This course of fitness and Pilates classes is going well – there is still space in most classes.

Remember it’s not too late to tone up and get fit before Christmas – there are still more than 6 weeks to go so you could definitely lose a few inches and feel great so long as you’re committed to your cause!

If you are fit don’t let it go just for one day of the year. It’s really not worth it – you need to value your health far more than that...

Last weekend I was down in London training with Fitness Pilates founder Rachel Holmes and postural expert Kelly Reed-Banks (pictured above).

There were 100 Pilates teachers from all over the UK swapping ideas and networking – it was great.

I picked up some fabulous ideas for looking after your feet and posture and we did a session on Men’s Pilates which is one of my favourite and busiest classes.

You’ll see these ideas filtering into classes as we speak!

24/10/18 Pilates and fitness classes got off to a great start this week with a couple bursting at the seams...Pauline and her Son

Remember you have to pre-book your place and unfortunately can’t just turn up unexpectedly – this isn’t fair on those who have committed to the class – this is small group fitness after all!

We’ve been working with the MOTR (Movement on the Roller) Pilates machine and Mondays at 5.45pm gives you the chance to really explore this ground breaking piece of kit in a quiet environment.

Pictured above is client Paulene Bonello with her son Jacob challenging their strength and balance.

Next weekend I head down to London to reconnect with Fitness Pilates creator Rachel Holmes and Pilates expert Kelly Reed-Banks. We will be looking at the latest physiological research and how we can incorporate this into classes. Some special attention will be give to seniors and my favourite Men on Mats!

The male posture works very differently to female so it is important with strength and flexibility training to adapt exercises accordingly.

There are still spaces in most classes so give me a call to try your first class free 07933 911522

5/10/18 Classes come to a close next Thurday and start again on Monday 22/10/18for 9 weeks.

We’ve had a good session – experimenting with the MOTR Pilates machines and trying out my new ideas and exercises from The Pilates conference in Edinburgh.

I’m looking forward to the next course which takes us until Christmas (!). Don’t let your fitness slide just because it’s dark and cold outside – you’ll just have more to do in the New Year.

It’s not good to yo-yo your fitness – the studio is warm, cosy and friendly and there is plenty of free parking.

Book your next class NOW 07933 911522

Michael King

23/9/18 Yesterday I attended The Pilates Gathering in Edinburgh where I was privileged to meet and reconnect with some of the top presenters in the world.

I am pictured here with Michael King who trained in Joseph Pilates’ original studio in New York and who is the founder of the Pilates Institute UK.

Michael’s workshop was ballet/dance based and I got some fresh and fabulous ideas for my classes.

I also reconnected with Maximilian Stohr and Cinzia Galletto who are the Balanced Body master trainers for the Pilates MOTR machine. They taught a mat based master class, informed us of latest research and gave us lots of new material and sequences for our classes.

I also took part in a Pelvic Floor workshop with one of Scotland’s leading specialists Bill Taylor who is also Physiotherapist to the Scottish Ballet.

13/9/18 The nights are drawing in and Autumn has arrived but don’t let your fitness slide!

I have seen a massive shortfall in evening attendance this week even although most classes are full.

This happens every year in the week the weather changes but hopefully you will all come back next week and not let your fitness go during Winter...

I’m starting my new 4 week MOTR class next Monday at 5.45pm. This gives you a chance to exercise earlier in the evening but also to work with this marvellous piece of functional fitness equipment.

It’s not complicated – full training provided.

MOTR Klara etc.

2/9/18 Pilates classes are very busy here in the studio and I have never seen such an explosion of people wanting to get fit for a long time.

I think clients really value my close tuition here at Stirling Fitness – this is not mass market stuff but an education on how to have great posture and be pain free in a friendly boutique environment.

I am looking at setting up another Monday class to accommodate numbers and will probably include the MOTR pilates machine (see above) in this new class, possibly at 5.45pm. Let me know if you are interested.

The Circuits/High Intensity class is a great complement to Pilates as we all need some cardiovascular fat burning exercise but this is NOT hard core and you can do the whole class low impact if you like.

Let me know if you would like a 121 session and postural assessment – it can be really useful to target your problem areas so you know what to focus on in classes.


I think quality is important when you’re looking for a Pilates class – your instructor should be screening you first for any joint and health problems and groups should be no greater than 10.

The instructor should have a good look at your posture before any exercises are given.

On Friday I met with Pilates world expert Brittany Taylor from the US who took us through the original mat exercises with her own personal twist.

This was very refreshing and it was lovely to meet with other instructors and get some new ideas.

On Tuesday I am speaking about Pilates at local business networking group Breakfast Buzz in Stirling and I will be taking one of the new ground breaking MOTR machines to demonstrate how it works.

There is still space in some Pilates classes but they are filling up so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

July has been a great month for 121 training – lovely weather and the studio quiet with the absence of mainstream classes.

I love working with beginners or people whose fitness has lapsed – it’s never too late to get back on the treadmill of fitness – the key is to start off gently and keep it consistent.

I can take your measurements if you’re looking to lose weight – this is usually Power Walking or jogging or we can do some High Intensity if it’s appropriate.

I’m looking forward to teaching my Pilates classes once again. Pilates really is your postural insurance policy – you can’t go wrong.

You will be screened and I will chat with you about any joint or health concerns before your first class.

Call NOW to book 07933 911522

me MOTR bridge

July is coming to a close and I’m anticipating the start of my new course of Pilates and fitness classes next week.

August/September is usually a great time to start exercising as holidays are over and the weather is still good.

I always get a feeling of a new start here – a bit like starting the new school year when I was younger...

I’ve decided to focus on working with smaller groups of clients this term – with Pilates it’s impossible to truly work with someone’s posture if you have more than 10 in a class – that’s why the studio is perfect for this.

Pilates is great for improving your movement and preventing those debilitating problems like back ache as we age.

Beginners are welcome – indeed I have been educating my 87 year old father recently about the benefits of Pilates and giving him a few exercises!

I’ll be continuing to work with the MOTR Pilates machine this session in the more advanced classes – the 4 week MOTR course starts Saturday 25/8/18 for 4 weeks.


me MOTR bridge

Classes are currently off for July but will be back 6/8/18 for 10 weeks.

I am around for Personal Training and 1-2-1 Pilates for the next few weeks whilst the studio is quiet – this is an ideal time to get your posture assessed and really find out where those aches and pains are coming from.

We can just do Pilates or if it’s fat burning you want I can create a bespoke programme and we can either work outside, or in the comfort of the studio which is nice and cool in this hot weather.

The timetable next session is predominantly Pilates based but look out for the High Intensity Fat burning class on Thursdays at 7pm and the new MOTR class on Saturday morning at 9am.

The classes are tailored to suit all abilities including beginners and the small studio gives it a really personal feel.

Please call me for more information.


me MOTR bridge


3/6/18   The weather has been fantastic here in Stirling recently but this has meant especially the early evening classes have been quieter.

I'm assuming you have all been outside exercising in the sunshine!

There are still 4 weeks of Pilates and classes left so it's not too late to get fit for Summer.

We have been experimenting in some classes with the MOTR Pilates machine which has brought a new energy and challenge into classes.

We will be using this regularly in Circuits/HIIT on Thursdays at 7pm as they can be used for aerobic, balance and core/strength work.

Come and try it the studio is cool in Summer!


 Claire motr

21/5/18  We had a well attended MOTR Pilates workshop here on Saturday and spent 2 hours experimenting with this new groundbreaking strength and resistance machine.

We used it for standing balance, as an upper and lower body strengthener, for some of the original 34 Mat Pilates exercises and as a foam roller for myofacial release.

The new course starts on Saturday 2/6/18 for 4 weeks - book NOW spaces limited 07933 911522 £40



Lesley MOTR

13/5/18 We've had a busy couple of weeks here in the studio with classes pretty full and people thinking about getting fit for Summer.

I have been trying out the new MOTR (Movement on the Roller) Pilates machines in some classes - they are fantastic for core strength and posture and really do offer a new groundbreaking way of working in Pilates classes.

I am running a workshop here in the Stirling studio next Saturday 19/5/18 9.30-11.30am - this will leave you time to get home before the Royal wedding!

We won't be exercising for the whole 2 hours - the MOTR is an educational piece of equipment so we need plenty of time to try out the different positions.

They can also be used aerobically so bring your trainers!

BOOK NOW 07933 911522








30/4/18 Yesterday I took part in the Stirling Scottish Half Marathon. I had originally planned to run the Marathon for the second time but unfortunately had to pull out due to an ankle imjury.

I really enjoyed it and was doing quite well until 6 miles then had to slow down as I felt it aching. I still finished with a time of 2 hours 17 minutes so not too bad!

It was great to see so many people keeping fit and raising money for their chosen charities.

The organisation by Great Run was as usual excellent and the people of Stirling came out en masse to support the finish.

If you would like to train for a Marathon or learn to run let me know - I have many years experience and you can book your own private session.



 motr max cinz 

 28/4/18  This week I was down in London at the Balanced Body Pilates on Tour conference. I met many Pilates instructors and experts from around the world and was lucky enough to spend 2 days training on the MOTR Pilates machine with Maximillian Stohr and Cinzia Calista Galletto from Italy.

MOTR stands for 'Movement on the Roller' - this is a versatile piece of equipment which can be used to enhance the original Joseph Pilates mat exercises making them sometimes more challenging and more precise.

I will be running a Master class very soon - keep a lookout on Facebook and Twitter for more information. 



 motr callie


23/4/18  Classes have got off to a great start this session with many people wanting to get fit for Summer.

Many of my Pilates classes are full but I stil have space in some and there is room in both Yoga and High Intensity Fatburning on Thursdays at 7pm.

This week I am heading down to London to train with US Pilates leaders Balanced Body on their Pilates MOTR machines.

I have these in my office ready to go and will be introducing them into some classes soon.

I'm looking forward to running in the Stirling Half Marathon next week - unfortunately I had to drop out of the marathon this year with an ankle injury.

Hope to see some of you there!



 me fuerte

9/4/18  How is your fitness? We all have setbacks in our fitness and in our lives but you just have to keep jumping back on that treadmill and you'll retain a level of fitness and well-being that will sustain you well through life's challenges.

I think the mistake most people make with their fitness is that they aim too high and get disappointed when they can't maintain their programme as inevitably life gets in the way.

You have to be flexible and make time to exercise - it really is only 30 minutes twice a week that makes a huge difference to your health and weight control.

One hour per week...

I'm lucky enough to be working out in Fuerteventura this week where the sun always shines and the sea is always blue...

This is a huge motivator for my fitness and I'm recovering gradually from an ankle injury that was caused by wearing the wrong shoes for my Stirling Marathon training.

I've dropped to the half marathon instead and I'm looking forward to it.

If you need help with your running or fitness or you want to learn how to run give me a call - you can book a 121 for your personal bespoke programme.



2/4/18  Happy Easter! I hope you had a good one although the weather left a lot to be desired...

I'm teaching 3 Pilates classes this week (see above) then classes are off next week and the new block starts on Sunday 15/4/18 for 11 weeks.

There are still spaces in most classes but this is traditionally a busy term with the lighter nights and Summer holidays approaching, so book as soon as you can.


me motr

I am looking forward to heading down to London in a couple of weeks to complete my MOTR Pilates training with US Pilates experts Balanced Body.

The MOTR is a fantastic piece of equipment which I will be introducing in May - look out of the Masterclass coming soon!


horses marathon

18/3/18  Gosh I can't believe we're nearly at the end of March and we're still gettting Amber weather warnings!

I think the weather has had a big impact on people's fitness and motivation this year but you can't let your health be at the peril of unpredicatable weather!

It is just an excuse - there's loads of things you can do to keep fit indoor and out.

It has had an impact on my Stirling Marathon training though - I found myself shirking a run this week because of the freezing rain but mad up for it in High Intensity training on Thursday evening.

This is a great way to keep aerobically fit indoors and High Intensity training has been proven to be the best exercise for burning fat. Thursdays 7pm.

There are 2 more weeks left of mainstream classes before Easter - remember I am not teaching this Tuesday evening 20/3/18 and have moved these classes to 3/4/18.

The new block of Pilates starts 16/4/18 for 11 weeks - BOOK NOW spaces limited.



Jamie scarves


27/2/18  Well we've had Amber weather warnings but the studio is cosy! Don't allow the weather to scupper your ftiness plans this week! If you live in Stirling you can walk here...

This is Jamie our Yoga teacher in action in the studio last night. The evening class is great for stretching yet you can make it very challenging from a strength point of view if you want to.

Try it Mondays 8.15pm or Wednesdays 10am.


23/2/18  It's good to be back teaching classes after the week's break and I was delighted on Sunday to meet and train with global Pilates Instructor Felicitas Carman from Italy. Felicitas trained with Lolita San Miguel who at the age of 82 was actually trained by the original Joseph Pilates!

Felicitas was warm, engaging and above all very knowledgable and she had some fantastic ideas for working the core and posture with the green soft Pilates balls.

I think her teachings have been felt in classes this week with lots of you telling me you felt the exercises were really effective and felt 'tightened' and stronger in the core muscles especially.

There are still spaces in most classes including Jamie's Yoga which in on Mondays 8.15pm and Wednesdays 10am.


 selfie lesley and jamie

 31/1/18 Woosh I can't believe it's the end of January already! How are your health and fitness resolutions going? Are you on the road to your target weight/fitness level or did you fall off the wagon with the snow in January?

This is really common as often people start off too keenly with their fitness goals and either get injured or bored.

The good news is there is still time so please give me a call if you would like to dicuss how to reach your goals.

Jamie the new Yoga teacher has settled in well this termm and I have to say I'm loving her Monday evening class. I feel it really compliments my Stirling Marathon training with some fantastic stretching and some Mindfulness and Meditation at the end.

There are still a couple of spaces in this and my Wednesday moring class at 10am.

I have taken delivery of my new Pilates MOTR mechines (see below) but have decided to wait until I have done a 2 day course in London with US creators Balanced Body in April.

The MOTR machine is fantastic for really targetting specific muscles and stretches and is modelled on the Pilates Reformer which is so non-transportable.

Call me for more information 07933 911522.

Just a reminder that all classes are off for the Stirling School Holidays 11-18 February except Yoga on Wednesday 14/2 at 10am.



 motr delivery


14/1/18  We've had a great busy week back in classes here at Stirling Fitness with lots of exciting things happening to motivate you.

On Thursday I took delivery of my new Pilates equipment - the MOTR machine - which is not unlike the original Pilates Reformer in it's design. It was designed and manufactured by leading company Balanced Body in the US, and I am travelling down to London in April to meet up with their master trainers.

There will be a Trial class coming soon  - booking essential.

Jamie got off to a great start with her Yoga classes on Monday - there are still a few spaces at 8.15pm or on Wednesdays at 10am - both classes are a mix of Hatha and functional Yoga and include a fabulous relaxation or Mindfulness session at the end.

I also have  a few spaces in High Intensity Fatburning on a Thursday evening at 7pm - book now 07933 911522



 run fuerte


4/1/18  Happy New Year! I hope you had a good one and are managing to settle back into your routine.

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? The most popular ones in Scotland are to do with fitness and weight loss but unfortunately most of you have given up on these by the end of February...

This makes me really sad as the real benefits of being fit for life - energy, weight loss, better sleep, better skin, more flexibility etc - are not really being enjoyed.

You must commit to get fit for life or there is no point - I can help you with this.

If you are not prepared to invest in your health and longevity why?

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