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20/12/19 Classes came to a close yesterday for 2 weeks and resume again on 5/1/20.

You can still get a FREE class off the next 12 week block if you book before this Sunday 22/12/19.

Merry Christmas and I hope to see you in January.

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12/12/2019 We have had lots of fun this last week experimenting with some new ideas from my recent Pilates updates tour in London - here we are in Bridge with a balance challenge - balancing the yoga block on your foot ensures you challenge the supporting glutes more and really stretches our hip flexors.

I will be bringing more of these new ideas into the new course of classes starting 5/1/20.

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29/11/19 I’m delighted that my first ever Fitness Retreat in Fuerteventura went really well with everyone feeling fitter, more relaxed and ready to face the Christmas rush back home. papagoyo

It was great to practise teaching Aqua Fit in the pool and we did some lovely walks around the volcanic landscape and Pilates and HIIT outside.

Classes resume this Monday 2/12/19 for 3 weeks and there is still time to improve your fitness before Christmas.

Next Saturday 7/12/19 I am having a Mince Pies and Mulled Wine social in the studio 10am-12pm- there will also be the chance to do some Christmas shopping with Captain Tortue clothing, Neals Yard skincare and Emmie Grace jewellery. Let me know if you’re coming!


11/11/19 The nights are dark and winter is drawing in but how is your fitness? It’s really easy to make excuses not to keep fit at this time of year – ‘Christmas is coming, I’m tired, I’m ill, I’ll wait until the New Year etc’ but health and fitness are not seasonal – it’s really important you look after your back, joints and fitness all year round.

There is so much fun exercise you can do indoors – classes, swimming and of course the outdoors too! There is nothing better than wrapping up warm and getting out for a power walk in this beautiful country we call home.
Exercise should be fun and not a chore.

Last week I qualified to teach Aqua Fitness and will be starting classes locally in the New Year – this will not affect my normal timetable of studio classes – if you’re interested get in touch and let me know what time of day suits you best.

Exercising in water is so good for you – did you know that just standing in a swimming pool can lower your blood pressure and can help with injury rehabilitation?

Next week I am travelling out to Fuerteventura to run my first ever Fitness Retreat and I am very excited. We will be relaxing, exercising, refreshing our mental attitude and motivation and simply enjoying the dry, sunny and barren landscape.

My next Retreat will run here too 7-11 March 2020 – let me know as soon as possible if you’re interested 07933 911522



24/10/19 The new courses of Pilates and Fitness Classes have got off to a great start but I still have spaces in some. This session we will be experimenting more with the pink resistance bands which are great during movement for stabilising the hips and strengthening the legs and core. I am heading down to London in a few weeks to meet with Fitness Pilates (and pink band creator) Rachel Holmes for her annual updates workshop. It’s always great to meet up with other Pilates instructors and get some new ideas and Rachel is so inspiring and full of energy.

I am announcing the dates for my second Fitness Retreat in Fuerteventura this week. This will run 7-11 March 2020 in the beautiful village of Lajares in the north of the island. You will retreat from life and be able to focus on yourself with a structured Fitness programme – Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Aqua fit and lots of walking. You will have time to see the island and you will have time for yourself, sitting by the pool or in the quiet garden or walking down to the village shops etc. Places are limited to 7 – book now to avoid disappointment 07933 911522.



4/10/19 I’ve had a busy few weeks here at Stirling Fitness with lots of 121 Pilates sessions as people get into the swing of their fitness after Summer.

It’s often over Summer and on holiday that people assess their lives and their fitness and realise it’s now or never!

If you’re not prepared to work on or invest in your fitness be prepared for a more difficult old age – postural and back problems can play havoc with your lifestyle and your energy levels so get working on it now so you can have a pain free future. Pilates really is the way to sort out your posture and tone up and strengthen.

The current course of Fitness and Pilates classes comes to a close next week 10/10/19 and starts immediately the following week from 13/10/19. They are already looking busy so make sure you have booked your space!

I’m starting to focus on my first ever Fitness Retreat which is happening at the end of November in Fuerteventura and I’m very excited as I’m starting to put together some Aqua and Mindfulness sessions.

If you didn’t manage to book on this one I’m hoping to run a couple in 2020 so let me know if you’re interested or want to find out more.


elaine thursday

13/9/19 I can’t believe how quickly this course of classes is going – there are still 4 weeks of this block – the new block starts 14/10/19 for 9 weeks.

Classes have been busy, especially yesterday which is my Thursday morning ‘Disco Divas’ Pilates class. Well it was yesterday! (picture to left).

The friendship and camararderie in this class is extraordinary. These ladies have become firm friends because of the class, and actually have a group called ‘Pie and Lattes’ away from the studio...

We have been progressing with the MOTR (Movement on the Roller) Advanced Pilates on Mondays at 6.30pm. The MOTR is a great way of taking your Pilates to the next level and is based on the original Pilates reformer. We also use the cylinder as a Roller for massage or muscle tissue release and for standing balance. Call me to try 07933 911522


Jane Pressup

15/8/19 Classes are in full swing here in the studio with many of you returning from your holidays desperate to work on you fitness.

I have some new exercises in Pilates this session and will try and use the Pilates MOTR machine when possible and appropriate.

The circular cylinder part is an excellent roller, this works much the same as massage, getting rid of tight muscle tissue which can cause pain and muscle imbalance. It’s a pleasant pain!

There are spaces in most classes but this is already proving to be a popular session.

I’m looking forward to starting my Sunday morning Fitness Yoga/Pilates mix on Sunday 1/9/19 10am

Book NOW 07933 911522


Chris motr

30/07/19 Classes got off to a great start yesterday with some new faces and lots of regulars too. They are all either full or almost full so don’t leave it too long to book this block even if you can’t start right away.

The new MOTR time on a Monday is proving very popular – we had a great session last night with some lovely rolling or myofascial release at the end – pictured is Chris massaging her IT band - this is essential for keeping your hips and knees balanced and injury free.

I am continuing with my relaxation/mindfulness section in some classes – let me know if you want to try this. I hope to see you in classes soon!


Ally Tennis

23/7/19 Pilates and Fitness classes start next week here in the studio and I am looking forward to experimenting with some new ideas and exercises.
They are looking very busy – the MOTR (Movement on the Roller) is completely full as are a couple of others so don’t leave it too long to book in.

You can book a 121 session on the MOTR – this is a ground breaking Pilates machine based on the original Reformer which challenges your core in ways that mat exercises can’t. It is great if you have done some Pilates before and really want to push your fitness to the next level.

High Intensity training is a great way to burn fat and really get your heart and lungs working – this is on Thursdays at 6.30pm and we do a little Pilates and some stretching here too. This can really improve your performance in other sports such as cycling, running and football so come and give it a go.

This week’s newsletter features my friend, local man Ally McMurray (above) who is embarking on his remarkable Sportathon to raise £10,000 for major cancer charities. He kicks off on Saturday 3/8/19 at Stirling Tennis Club so come along and support him! You can sponsor him here

12/7/19 Classes are off at the moment for July but I am around the next couple of weeks for 121 fitness.

This is the best way to find out how to get the best out of your fitness and I will chat to you about routines, diet and have a good look at your posture and how it is possibly causing you problems. Then we can work out a personal programme and solution to counteract this.

Aqua Fuerte I spent the last week in sunny Fuerteventura, part holiday and part planning my first Fitness and Wellness Retreat in November. This is full but I am hoping to offer some dates for 2020 too so let me know if you are interested.

I decided when I was there to enrol on my Aqua Fitness course here in the UK – the pool at the retreat is perfect for some water exercise – relaxing and cool - looking out onto the beautiful barren landscape of Fuerteventura. Water is a great medium for exercise – it offers resistance for strength training, is fun and there is no impact or stress on your joints. It is also a good aerobic workout and water induces relaxation and well-being. Maybe I will bring this to Stirling too!

There are still spaces in most classes for the next block but a couple are full so book NOW if you plan to do any 07933 911522

28/6/19 Pilates and Fitness classes came to a close yesterday with a very hot High Intensity Training class last night! For the first time ever I was asked if my class would be on because of the heat! For me weather is never an excuse not to exercise. The studio was cool out of the sun – I don’t think I’ll be getting the air conditioning just yet...

It’s really easy to get distracted with your fitness at this time of year – holidays, school activities and children out of routine, and that general feeling of winding down for most of us. But it’s really important to keep it going – even once a week.

The weather is generally better at this time of year, the nights are light and if it’s hot swim! There is no excuse. Swimming is the best all round exercise you can do – your weight is supported so there is no stress on your joints and you’re getting both the cardiovascular/aerobic challenge and flexibility.

I’m looking forward to the break from classes myself – I’m heading out to Fuerteventura next week to recharge my batteries. I’ll be doing lots of running and swimming and doing a recce for my first Fitness Retreat out there in November.

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Remember I am around for 1-2-1 Pilates and Personal Training most weeks in July – this is a great chance for me to look at your posture properly and the way you are moving. You will also get faster results with Personal Training.



11/6/19 I hope you are keeping fit this Summer – the weather hasn’t been great in Scotland recently but there are lots of ways you can keep fit indoors too!
Summer always threatens to hijack fitness routines with holidays looming but don’t let this get in the way of your health. If you’re on holiday walking is good and if you’re in a hot country there’s nothing better than an invigorating dip in the pool or sea.

The evening classes are a bit quieter right now so if you have missed a class let me know if you would like to fit in an extra before the end of the block on 27/6/19. There are still 2 weeks left of classes.

The recent MOTR course has come to an end but this is proving very popular so next term I will be running this for the full block at the slightly later time of 6.30pm.
This will replace the current 7pm Pilates class which has been poorly attended this term.

MOTR offers an exceptional challenge to your core fitness, balance and strength – let me know if you want to try it – places limited.

Book your next block of classes before 28/6/19 and get one FREE!



23/5/19 Classes continue to be very busy which is great but I still have some spaces in most classes.

As an incentive to get fit I’m running a Summer Bootcamp offer which starts next week – you can choose 3 classes for 5 weeks and do a mix of Fatburning/Aerobic/ High Intensity and of course Pilates and Fitness Yoga. These are all essential for a balanced body and this works out at £5 per class so is a great offer – limited spaces book now £75.

I’m looking forward to some more Pilates training next month this time with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute in Glasgow.



12/5/19 Pilates classes are very full this session but there are still a couple of spaces left if you want to start.

Tomorrow my new MOTR (Movement on the Roller) class starts for 5 weeks. The MOTR offers a completely different way of working with Pilates – still very functional but there is more emphasis on balance and strength. I can’t wait to use this as a roller for massage or myofascial release – it’s essential for most of us to massage the muscle tissue – it prevents injury, stiffness and improves posture.

I released details of my first Fitness Retreat in Fuerteventura this week and I’m delighted to say it’s fully booked! Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands is the perfect place to refresh, recharge and regain focus and of course have a little fun!

The emphasis will be on ‘time for you’ and I will be running Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Aqua Fitness sessions as well as some walks around the unique landscape. Mindfulness, motivation and meditation will also be key as well as a little pampering and style.

Let me know if you’re interested in any dates for the future.

I’ve been running some Mindfulness and Meditation in some of my morning Pilates sessions – let me know if you would like to try this great way to recharge and relax your mind.

Yesterday I attended my first Mindfulness course with expert Susie Hooper.



26/4/19 The new session of Pilates and Fitness classes is going well with my morning classes currently completely full!
I have space in the Sunday Fitness Yoga and Pilates at 10am and most of the evening classes.

It was great to have the hot sunny weather recently – this has made training for the Glasgow Kiltwalk this Sunday very easy – I’m pictured above with my team mate and friend Abidah Hussain. We are walking this Sunday with some others to raise funds for Scottish Families affected by Drug and Alcohol abuse – feel free to sponsor us

We have been practising some Mindfulness and Meditation in some classes recently – let me know if this is something you would like to try - it is highly beneficial and energising.
This coincides with me announcing my first ever fitness and well-being retreat which I am running in Fuerteventura later this year – let me know if you would be interested.

The MOTR (Movement on the Roller) class starts again on Monday 13/5/19. This is a great opportunity to take your Pilates to a new level and challenge some of those deep stabilising muscles in a more precise way.



6/4/19 I’m looking forward to starting the new block of Pilates and Fitness classes this week – they are looking busy so if you’re planning to book do it soon!
The theme this month is on relaxation and how you must make time to do this to protect your future health.
Read my latest newsletter.

It’s really important if you are keeping fit to move it forward and I offer many options in my classes to do this.
Pilates client Susan Henderson (pictured above) is using the Pilates soft ball above in Side Plank to add more challenge to her core strength.

One other option if you have done Pilates before is to try the MOTR or Movement on the Roller machine.
This is based on the original Pilates Reformer and I stock them here in the studio.
The new course starts on Monday 13/5/19 for 5 weeks – give me a call if you want to try it.


25/3/19 Classes come to a close this week for a week but there is a ‘catch up’ class next Wednesday 3/4/19 at 7pm if you want to do it.
They resume on Sunday 7/4/19 for 12 weeks excluding the Easter weekend. We’ve had a busy session with a couple of classes completely full so it’s best to book your place as soon as possible.

I’ll be using my week to catch up on some Pilates education from recent courses and I’ll be working with my 121 Pilates clients as normal. 121 fitness is a great way to get quick and precise results with your fitness and posture and get a really bespoke session. I can be very flexible with times. I’ll do a full postural assessment before we begin so we can look at what is possibly causing your pain or stiffness and sort it out.

I do get a lot of requests for running and aerobic training at this time of year and we can do this outside or in the comfort of the studio.

Give me a call to discuss 07933 911522.



11/3/19 Classes are starting to get busier as glimpses of better weather and some sunshine appear and sporting events such as the Stirling and Alloa half marathons loom nearer...
I myself have been struggling this year to get out running as frequently as I like and on the whole the weather has not inspired me!
But with 7 weeks to go until the Stirling running weekend the pressure is on!

I am lucky that my job is physical so the Pilates and High Intensity classes really help with my strength and flexibility and to stay injury free.
Often at this time of year I get lots of 121 bookings for running and cardio fitness too as Summer gets nearer and most of us want to look slimmer and fitter.

This block of classes finishes 28/3/19 and restarts the following week so give me a call if you want to try a class before the end of the course 07933 911522.



Whoosh what a busy start to the year! It’s been great to see many new exercisers in classes as well as some old faces returning to Pilates.
I think Pilates is an essential part of every fitness routine – you need to asses those postural imbalances and realign them before they cause you problems.
I will look at your posture before you start your class and we can see what you need to work on to improve your strength and flexibility.

We’ve had fun in classes this week with much laughter as class members get to know each other – pictured above is Zoe Littlehill who comes to Pilates and High Intensity classes twice a week.

There are still spaces in some classes so book now for the next 6 weeks.


11/01/2019 Classes got off to a great start this week with many full and all busy. I love January as everyone seems to be making a focused effort with their fitness and quite rightly so.

Basically if you don’t look after your health and fitness you are more likely to:

  • Develop Diabetes
  • Look older
  • Get back pain
  • Need joint replacements
  • Develop Heart Disease
  • Put on weight
  • Sleep less
  • Develop Anxiety and Mental Health problems
  • Have a more severe Menopause

And the message?

If you’re not exercising what is your excuse? If it’s money you have your priorities wrong and it doesn’t cost anything to go for a walk/run.

I can help you get fit even if you have done no exercise for years.

I have a small, cosy studio and only teach small groups or 121 fitness so you can get results whether it’s with your posture, your weight or joint pain.


Give me a call 07933 911522