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Fitness Training

rona and elaine go runningStirling Fitness Studio is ideal for Personal Training, as come rain or shine you can train in the most comfortable of environments. Privacy is assured and your Personal Fitness Programme is tailored to your individual needs and goals which are assessed on your first visit.

This is ideal if you haven't perhaps exercised for a long time and need to break yourself in gently, if your motivation isn't good, or you are just so busy on the treadmill of life and need some help with your commitment.

Results are achieved through cardiovascular or 'fatburning' training, and strength and flexibility work, depending on your needs and goals.

Inch loss and posture can be monitored so results are more tangible.

Personal Training can be done 3 times a week or once a month as a 'booster' for your other training.

Sessions can be booked on weekdays or weekends depending on your schedule.

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