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Robert Paul

''I sit a lot at work and have a stiff lower back. Pilates helps keep it moving - nobody takes it too seriously..I'm more supple.''


Sarah Anderson

''I am amazed how quickly I have advanced from a complete novice...I was introduced to Pilates and was hooked!

I have lost over half a stone - my stomach looks pretty good, my recovery following a run is much quicker and I no longer feel pain in my hips and knees when I am running.''


Mairi Taggart

''In 6 weeks I have lost a lot of inches around various bits of my body...I can feel the difference in my energy levels and feel a lot happier.

Attending Elaine's club helped me to feel I could be a person who could be into fitness...I love going out running now.''


Matthew Power

''Since coming to the class I have definitely become more flexible and stronger. I am also more aware of my posture and body in general.

Incidents of back pain are less frequent and I know how to manage these more effectively.''


Irene Kirkwood

''I really enjoy the combination of Fitness Yoga and Pilates exercises which improves core strength and flexibility...before attending Elaine's classes I was prone to hurting my back.

I have seen a great improvement in my core strength which has really helped me at work. My balance has also improved.''

Elaine Fleming

''My core area is much stronger since I started Pilates. Elaine's classes are always fun and she keeps a close check on everyone so they're doing the moves correctly to get the best results.''

Susan Henderson

''I like the class because it is quite active and Elaine encourages you to work as hard as you can manage. I wondered if Pilates might be rather slow going but not this class!

My core and shoulders are stronger and I hardly ever get back pain now.''


Kathleen Morison

"I really enjoy Elaine's pilates classes. I have only attended one and a half terms, and I enjoy her class so much that I go twice a week. In that short time I have lost about 6 lbs, but more than that, I have trimmed up a lot. I have reduced from a 16 trouser size to a 14!. I also feel a lot fitter, feel stronger and am far more flexible. Thanks Elaine!"


Katharine Dix

''I am comfortable with Elaine, she's fun and I see results...there are so many different exercises so the sessions are monotony free (not like some exercise classes I've attended!) doesn't take long to see an improvement in strength and suppleness''.


Jeanette Kerray

"Many years ago I broke my coccyx bone, leaving a weakness, often painful. More recently I became prone to severe pain in the sacrum area, probably due to being on my feet all day and unaware my posture was so bad. Attending pilates regularly has proven invaluable, not only do I feel energised after a class, it has built up my muscle strength, improved my flexibility and posture, therefore banishing backache! Great.... Only regret is I didn't hear about pilates much earlier in life!"

Louise Hunter

"I first started going to Pilates nearly a year ago to help relieve the pain from a damaged pelvis and back pain. Although I found the class quite hard at first, it is amazing how quickly you start to improve. I find myself getting better and stronger every week. The classes are so relaxed and friendly, you just do what you can. Everyone works away at different levels and you don't feel pressure to keep up with feel so much better after each class!"